Flights will operate as per our scheduled itinerary. However, Helicopter Operator reserves the right to change/postpone the timings of flying, subject to weather/force majeure reasons.


COVID protocols shall be adhered by the passengers and Helicopter Operator as per the effective mandate of the government. Without adhering to the government guidelines, boarding can be denied to the passengers without refund.


Maximum weight capacity of the helicopter is 450 kg (excluding baggage weight). Passengers are taken on board depending up on the load and temperature conditions. Pilots call will be final. Total weight of all passengers on board must be within this limit. Hence, passengers are required to provide us their exact weights at the time of booking.


Passengers have to submit their correct weights at the time of booking. If any change in weight found at the time of their travel from the submitted weights, which would exceed our aircraft’s weight carrying capacity of 450 kg, passenger(s) would be de boarded & cancelled for the Heli-tour without any refund.


Overweight charges are applicable @ INR 800/kg. This will be chargeable to passengers weighing above 75 kg. But excess weight (not exceeding helicopter’s total weight limitation) will only be calculated on the total excess weight above the total permissible weight of all the group members combined, i.e., permissible weight = 75 Kg x (No. of pax). Furthermore, any discrepancy found in the weights of the passengers, which would be chargeable as per the overweight criteria, the same would be collected prior to boarding of flights.


Only one baggage weighing a maximum of 5 kgs is allowed per passenger. It Is not permitted to carry suitcases or any other luggage bags in the helicopter. • In view of our helicopters’ limited weight carrying capacity, we reserve the right to shuffle passengers between helicopters to manage the right weight for safe flying in the hills. Therefore, passengers travelling together may not be accommodated in same helicopter flight.


The maximum seating capacity for our helicopters is 06 passengers + 01 Crew.


Infant below 2 years or 12kg are accommodated free of charge. For verification of age of the child, ID proof/birth certificate of the child will be checked. Depending up on weather/force majeure conditions, Helicopter Operator  might cover Kedarnath Dham first and then Badrinath Dham. Breakfast/lunch can be arranged at Dehradun or at the Dhams, depending up on the time of departure from Sahastradhara. We strongly advise our passengers to keep one additional day at hand, to avoid inconvenience in case passengers get stuck at any of the destinations due to bad weather or force majeure scenarios.


Confirmation of additional services such as Maha Abhishek Puja, Rudra Abhishek Puja, or any other additional service, has to be provided by the passengers at the time of booking. Payment for the Puja’s are collected by our staff at Dehradun, as we need to arrange the Puja in advance.


Flying in hills are subject to bad weather, and many Force Majeure factors like delayed Air Traffic Clearances/Permissions, VVIP movements, valley flying by Indian Air Force (NOTAM), sudden occurrence of technical snag in aircraft, illness of flying crew or late reporting of the passengers at the helipads, among others. Therefore, passengers must be prepared to face any eventuality and inconvenience in case of such scenarios.

• Any donations, tips, pitthu, palki/pony and porter charges will be borne by the passengers.

• AADHAR Card copies are to be shared by all Indian passengers, & passport in case of foreign nationals.

• Helicopter Operator has its own crew at all the Dhams. For any guidance or assistance, passengers are free to reach out to them.

• Network connectivity Badrinath and Harsil is very poor. BSNL & Jio are the main telecom services, that work in these regions mostly, but not always. However, our staff shall be with the passengers for assistance at all times.

All temples in Chardham sector are located at high altitude, therefore passengers are advised to carry medication during travel. Also, they are advised to carry heavy woollen clothing with them, because during evenings & nights, the temperature can drop drastically.


Helicopter Operator will not be liable for any medical emergency on the ground to the passengers. Therefore, in your own interest, passengers are hereby advised to kindly consult a doctor and get medical check-up done before commencing the yatra. Medical check-up is mainly required if a passenger has any medical ailment or condition.

• Helicopter Operator reserves the right to cancel passengers, who are unruly, abusive, intoxicated, sick, mentally unfit or anyone else whom we deem to be unsafe to fly. No refund shall be done to such passenger(s).

• Our Heli-Tours are not available for the following VIP’s: – Speaker Lok Sabha – Dy. Chairperson Rajya Sabha – Central Ministers of Cabinet Rank – C J I Supreme Court – Governors of State – Chief Ministers of State – State Ministers of Cabinet Rank – SPG Protectees – Z category only.


The booking has to be done in advance with a deposit of 50% of the total amount. Balance payment has to be deposited 30 days prior to the date of arrival at Dehradun. Passengers will not be permitted to board or commence the tour, unless full & final payment of the tour has been done.


Rescheduling your booking to any future or prior travel date, will be done subject to availability, and on payment of 25% of the total tour cost. This will be permitted only if informed at least 07 days before arrival date. In case rescheduling is requested less than 07 days prior to the travel date, then the booking would be treated as cancelled, & a fresh booking will be given subject to availability, after the levy of applicable cancellation charges.


If passengers cancel their booking prior or after commencement of tour, following cancellation charges will be applicable –

121- 720 Days before Starting of Chardham yatra, 50 % amount will be refunded Provided you pay full amount.

60 -120 Days before Starting of Chardham yatra, 35 % amount will be refunded Provided you pay full amount

30-59 days before Starting of Chardham yatra, 25% amount will be refunded Provided you pay full amount

15-29 days before Starting of Chardham Yatra 15 % amount will be refunded Provided you pay full amount

0-15 days before Starting of Chardham yatra, no amount will be refunded Provided you pay full amount

o No show: No Refund. o After commencement of tour: No Refund.


If Weather Condition is not good and helicopter doesn’t fly in that case Full refund, minus INR 5000 per person toward the flight preparation & ground arrangement charges. Additional Services: Deduction of any additional services provided at any of the Dhams during the tour of the passengers will be deducted over and above the refundable Tour Cost. Refund against any unutilized service will have no refund except helicopter.

COVID-19 Case, or any National/State Emergency: In case passengers test COVID positive before the travel, or the Yatra gets called-off by the government, or any National or State emergency is imposed, terror attack/land slide/ natural calamity/curfew etc  there will be no refunds applicable. However, passengers will be provided a Credit Voucher by us against the advance paid, which will be valid for one year. It can be utilised against same charter services (for the full amount of the credit voucher), by the passengers or any of their friends/relatives.


Where bad weather, technical snags or any force majeure reason beyond Helicopter Operator’s control results in the cancellation of your flight being delayed or cancelled, Helicopter Operator will not be liable in any way for the cancelled or delayed flight. However, refund will be given to clients as per our refunds policy.

Any kind of inconvenience caused because of cancellation of flights is beyond the control of the operator.

No compensation or reimbursement for accommodation, transportation, meals or any other extra travel expenses done by the passengers shall be offered in the event of cancellation of a flight.

▪ In case tour departure does not take place from Dehradun as per the scheduled departure timing due to above reasons, our team will propose the possible revised itinerary within our package duration, but without any extension of timings.

▪ In case flying does not take place during the entire day, tour will be considered as cancelled & full refund as per our policies will be made. ▪ In case the passengers would like to consider taking the tour on the next available date, a fresh booking can be made for the same. Our team will propose the available options to the passengers. The balance/unutilized amount against previous booking can be adjusted against the fresh booking. And any extra costs that would be accruing, will have to be borne by the passengers.

▪ New passenger(s) scheduled for departure from Dehradun on any respective travel date shall be our top priority, over the back-log passenger(s) of previous days(s).

▪ In case the tour departs from Dehradun as per schedule but gets disrupted, while the tour is ongoing, our team will propose the possible revised itinerary within the scheduled package duration, but without any extension of timings.

▪ Any extension, proposed by the passengers, in the package will only be considered at an extra cost and subject to operational viability. ▪ Additional night halt charges will be payable by the passengers to hotels on direct payment basis, when they get stuck for additional nights due to bad weather/force majeure reasons. ▪ If any passenger(s) require ferry flights to be operated for them in emergency, cost for the same will be charged to the party @ INR 95,000/hr plus GST.

  • Any increase in government levies or taxes, after the confirmation of booking, will be extra chargeable to the passengers. Payment against the same will have to be made before the commencement of tour.
  • DISPUTES Disputes as to legality, interpretation, application or performance of service or any of its terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Noida Jurisdiction.
  • Bookings will be taken, considering there is acceptance of the above-mentioned terms & conditions by the party. WE ASSURE YOU OF A SAFE & MEMORABLE PILGRIMAGE.

Terms and Conditions for Helicopter Tickets
1. The company reserves the right, without assigning any reasons, to cancel, advance, reschedule, overfly or delay the commencement or continuance of the flight without incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the passengers or any other person on any ground whatsoever. The company reserves the right to refuse to carry any person who will be considered unfit for travel or what in the opinion of the company may constitute risk to the aircraft or person on board.
2. Priority Darshan passes for Kedarnath Temple for same day passengers is mandatory. It will be charged as per the rates decided by govt.
3. Seating of the passengers will depend on the helicopter load / sortie planning. A group may be accommodated in separate shuttles.
4. Passengers weighing more than 80 kg will have to pay additional Rs 150/kg for additional weight. Weight will be calculated individually and will not be offset with another passenger.
5. Same day return passengers will get only 1:30 hrs for darshan at 4 Dham.
6. Children above 2 years of age will be provided with a seat and will be charged full fare. For infant less than two years no fare will be charged and no seat will be provided to the infant.
7. All Passengers should report at the given reporting time, the boarding may take place any time after that, depending on traffic and flight schedule.
8. . Passengers are entitled only one piece of baggage weighing not more than 2 kilograms, any additional piece of baggage will not be allowed.
9. In case of cancellation of flight for the day due to any reason, the current day Passenger will be given priority over previous day Passenger. Previous day passengers may be accommodated subject to availability of seats, else full fare will be refunded.
10. Please carry following document along with the ticket, Passenger wise ID proof as submitted at the time of online booking
11. Only original full ticket is valid. Screenshot of printed ticket, half printed ticket, etc will be considered as fake tickets. Any ticket found fake or duplicate will not be allowed to fly
12. Please check the total amount column in your ticket.
13. Reach helipad one hour prior to booked slot.
14. In case of partial cancellation refund, please get your original boarding pass verified by authorized person with stamp and signature and must be submitted to Guptkashi/Phata Booking Counter or by email on chardhamjourney@gmail.com within 14 days. After14 days boarding pass will not be accepted for refund purposes in any circumstances.
15. In case of cancellation extra weight charge will be refunded by the heli operator at helipad.
16. Night halt passengers will be booked for 1400 hrs onwards shuttle only. Reporting time at Kedarnath Helipad, will be 0600 hrs for next day return shuttle.
17. In case of partial or full refund due to any technical reason / bad weather/Gov. orders, please submit your ticket at Guptkashi or Phata booking counter or by email on chardhamjourney@gmail.com within 14 days of cancellation. After 14 days ticket will not be taken into consideration for cancellation in any circumstances.
18. Due to cancellation or delay of flying/ticket due to any reason there will be no liability of boarding and lodging on chardhamjourney.com
19. Refund will be as per cancellation policy.
20. Providing of heli shuttle services is totally responsibility of the Heli Operators. chardhamjourney.com has no bearing on this.
21. Shuttle services are subject to DGCA clearance.
22. The passenger shall follow COVID-19 SOP.

Time of Cancellation prior to starting time of booked slot Refund

* In case of Cancellation of heli shuttle services due to bad weather/Technical reason/Gov. orders there will be full refund.
* A cancellation charge of ₹ 1000.00 will be deducted from the refund amount.

6. Rescheduling of tickets will be done by heli operators. chardhamjourney.com has no liability to reschedule the tickets.
7. Due to cancellation or delay of flying/ tickets due to any reason there will be no liability of boarding and lodging on chardhamjourney.com, GMVN, UCADA or Heli Operator.

* For more details please refer to Cancellation Policy.

For Rest Terms & Conditions of Char dham Shuttle Helicopter Tickets & Package booking please check through this link